Welcome to The Unofficial OKBridge Message Center

Greetings bridge players!
I am the webmaster here at The Unofficial OKBridge Message Center. I set this up so we would have a convenient place to post messages to our fellow bridge players. This site is for all bridge players and can be used to find partners, roommates, firm up playing times, find travel-mates, and perhaps to discuss bridge issues (but remember that there are full-fledged discussion groups at rec.games.bridge and rec.games.bridge.okbridge).

In an attempt to prevent hackers, you must register to post. This means you must supply me with a valid email address. I just want to try to reduce the number of "posers" and maybe reduce the number of irrelevant messages There's no need to register if all you want to do is browse the messages. Please read the rules and then

to sign up to post messages or to just browse the messages.
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