The Lynn Deas Trust Fund

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Lynn Deas has myasthenia gravis. Our goal is to ensure that Lynn stays connected to the world despite this setback.

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We need your help!
Let's give Lynn the tools she needs to stay connected with the world and earn a living:
  • A computer - fully equipped.

  • An ISP - an internet service provider so she can dial up the internet.

  • An OKBridge account - to teach and play bridge on the internet.

  • A website - to you from Lynn, a place to share her bridge expertise with you, a place to sign up for her playing, coaching, and teaching services.

  • The knowledge - to use it all.

Mail your contribution today! Let's keep Lynn connected.

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11430 Game Preserve Rd.
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(301) 990-8534
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Lynn Deas Trust Fund
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